Jack and the Beanstalk at Hammersmith

Last Tuesday, many of the children from the Centre went to The Lyric theatre at Hammersmith to see a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. It was a very colourful, lavish performance with lots of audience participation and lots of songs for everyone to join is with. The favourite characters were definitely Jackie and his Mum. We would like to thank the charity Daytrippers who once again offered us tickets for the pantomime.





Gingerbread Decorating with Roz from Tesco

As part of the Tesco Farm to Fork project, Roz came into the Centre to work with some of the children last Monday. She brought in lots of Christmas citrus fruits for them to taste including clementines, satsumas and mandarins. After the tasting she had gingerbread men for everyone to decorate with icing. It was a great session and really got everyone into the Christmas spirit. Thank you once again to Tesco and Roz. Unfortunately the project is now ending, but we are hoping that Opal   class will get one last opportunity to go to the store in January to bake some bread.




On Monday 20th November, Amber Class visited Tesco at Brixton as part of the Farm to Fork project. After catching the P5 bus to the store, they were met by Roz Hector who runs the project there. The trail they did round the store was looking at foods and whether they were healthy or not, particularly whether they had lots of added sugar. They soon discovered that lots of foods really have a lot of added sugar and we must be really careful how much of these we eat. They then went upstairs where Roz had provided lots of healthy fruit and vegetables for them to taste with a tzatziki dip. Thank you very much to Roz for organising this for us and we look forward to seeing her on 4th December at Lark Hall for some Christmas activities.


 Last Monday Debbie and Terri from the London Fire Brigade education service visited the Centre to talk to all the children about fire safety.

They started in Coral Class where the children dressed a bear in Firefighter uniform and learnt a song about smoke alarms. They then moved on to Amber, Onyx and Coral classes where they talked about fire prevention and fire safety. The children really benefited from these talks and we hope that Debbie and Terri will come back to us on a regular basis.


Graffiti Artist Workshop

This Monday Sami from Onyx Class joined with Mainstream Year 4 to listen to talk from a Grafitti artist called Dave who works for a company called Graffiti Life. We learnt that Dave set up his business after initially training as a teacher. He started with an easel and canvas in the High Street in Croydon and now has his own company producingt art for companies such as Nike, Adidas, Google, Ebay and Disney. We saw examples of his work, some of which are 3 times the size of a double decker bus!

He then showed us how he produces simple graffiti art using stencils and different coloured spray cans. At the end of the session Sami was able to try this out for himself as you can see from the photos below.



Steel Pans at Lark Hall

On Monday 6th November Shereen from the Steel Pan Agency visited the Centre and gave all the children the opportunity to listen to her perform on Steel Drums and then play and explore the sound they make for themselves.

It was a fantastic experience for all of the children and they particularly liked playing along to the Bob Marley songs she played.


Lego Workshop – STEAM Week

The first week of this half term was STEAM Week in the mainstream.  This concentrates on Science, Technology and Engineering.

As part of this, some of our children joined a Lego Workshop, which focused on building a city. It was really enjoyed by all of the children.


Annual Boccia Tournament at Battersea Park

Boccia Tournament – October 2017

Last Thursday started with heavy rain, but luckily when  Opal Class were in School and ready to set off , the sun came out and they were able to catch the 452 bus to represent Lambeth in the Annual Boccia Tournament at Battersea Park . This is the 4th year we have participated in this tournament run by Wandsworth School Games.

Boccia is a game of strategy and accuracy that was originally designed to be played by people with cerebral palsy. Now, the sport includes athletes with impairments that affect motor skills.

Lark Hall were the “All around the World” team and had to work their way round a “golf course” scoring points if they got nearest the hole.  It was a great day and they showed some real skill. Everyone was very happy to leave with a certificate of participation.

Many thanks to Nick Millar at Wandsworth School games for inviting us along.



Institute of Imagination Lab – Vauxhall

Lark Hall Centre visit Institute of Imagination Lab

Last Monday, Opal, Onyx and Amber classes visited the Institute of Imagination Lab in Vauxhall.

This is located on Lambeth High Street and is a space where children and families can explore and discover new technologies and experiment in arts and science. The pupils explored a range of activities in small groups. The first activity was exploring sound and colour buttons. As you pressed each colour, music was played around the room. The pupils had to remember different combinations and colour patterns.

Next, they explored the sensory room where they played with a wind tunnel, bubbles and magical sand. In the sensory room there were pods, which had chill out music or they could hide and explore the use of torches. One of the favourite activities was the virtual reality goggles. The pupils got to draw 3D shapes and walk through an imaginary world.

The Institute of Imagination is supported by the Rangoonwala Foundation to provide a community programme for Lambeth residents only. All the workshops and events are FREE for Lambeth residents. If you would like more information please ask  or go to www.ioi.london.